Authentica Solutions provides data management products and services to K-12, where the increasing use of technology and artificial intelligence has consummately increased issues related to data sharing, security & control, and data quality. Founded in 2013, Authentica Solutions introduced DataSense, a suite of products and services designed to seamlessly gather data from various systems, transform it into a unified format, and aggregate information into a dashboard for reporting purposes. Additionally, DataSense offers a robust rostering solution that simplifies creating and managing student and educator accounts for third-party edtech applications. To enhance its capacity to handle sensitive data, such as Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for learners with special needs, the company made a strategic move in 2014 by acquiring Exceed, an IEP, RTI, and Special Programs management software from Scranton. By 2017, Authentica was experiencing significant growth across all platforms. As a result, BrightBytes acquired Authentica Solutions.

Fast forward to 2019, Microsoft acquired DataSense from BrightBytes, solidifying its position in EdTech. Eventually, Google acquired BrightBytes in 2022 and paved the way for the original Authentica Solutions Team to reacquire ownership, bringing the journey full circle. Now, the team is back to help K-12 leverage AI, Data Analytics, and Interoperability to make impactful data-driven decisions. Authentica Solutions envisions the final product to be a unified education intelligence platform called SEED that provides an end-to-end data management solution.

Company Info

Leadership: Russell Long (CEO) + Gene Garcia (CTO)
Headquarters: Houston, TX Initial
Investment Date: 2023
Community Served: K-12


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