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At EduLab Capital Partners, we believe in unearthing the hidden gems – whether these come in the form of unique ideas, promising companies, budding talent, or innovative partnerships. To do so, we need to be in the places where these gems exist.

This search takes us to less prominent regions like El Paso, Texas to bring together entrepreneurs, educators, leaders, and investors from the LatinX community to discuss the top issues of the day – from the digital divide to generative AI – with the true decision-makers and end users of our products and investments. This leads to founders, deal flow, connections, and insights that might otherwise go overlooked.

Learn more about our annual LatinX Summit and how you can engage alongside us.

This search also takes us to college campuses to connect with high-potential students from diverse backgrounds – allowing us to create a talent pipeline for the EduLab Capital Partners team and to open the doors to venture for an underrepresented cohort of talent. In addition, we gain access to the ideas percolating in the top academic communities across the U.S., have an ear to the ground for the student perspective – an important end user in higher education, and build our deals pipeline from college and university hotbeds of innovation.

Meet our Venture Fellows and learn more about our Venture Fellowship. We are always seeking talent for our next cohort, partners for our fellow’s capstone projects, and companies for our annual pitch competition.


Sannin yoreba monju no chie.

“When three people meet, wisdom is exchanged.”