About Us

EduLab Capital Partners is an early-stage venture fund focused on learning and workforce technologies, investing in business models that transcend the traditional education landscape.

Founded in 2018, the Fund was created based on the premise that an underserved portion of the financing landscape is leaving good companies and great ideas behind. These businesses needed an institutional funding presence to stimulate innovation and maximize impact; thus, our transpacific platform was born.

We invest across the entire lifecycle of a learner, including early childhood, K-12, higher education, and adult learning and development. With offices in Boston and Tokyo, we offer a sector-specific and uniquely global perspective to our portfolio companies and invest across North America and Asia.

As a team of investors and domain experts, we actively guide our portfolio companies through the challenges of establishing robust early-stage go-to-market strategies, proper governance practices, and prudent financial structures while preparing them for future growth and scale. We are former entrepreneurs, operators, and educators. We are current company builders.

What Makes Us Different?

Domain Expertise

We invest in education and workforce technologies, where we bring deep expertise from an operator and investor perspective.

Seed+ Stage

We invest in seed stage companies with demonstrated product market fit, looking to scale via sales and marketing and thereby extending the valuation runway before a larger round of financing.

Hands-on Investors

We roll up our sleeves and help our entrepreneurs, whether that’s by advising on fundraising, strategy, governance, or financial best practices, or by making the right introductions to potential partners.

Geographic Focus

We invest in companies based in North America and Asia This allows us insight into end markets around the world. It provides our portfolio companies access to these insights and new relationships. It provides our investors with a diversified portfolio with unique opportunities to scale.

Nana korobi, ya oki.

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”