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Doing Deals from the Basement

Doing Deals from the Basement

Sandwiched between a punching bag and a Peloton, Liam Pisano is going on month seven of doing deals from his basement. Pisano is the Boston-based Managing Partner and Co-founder of EduLab Capital Partners (ECP), with counterparts in Tokyo and Singapore.

Quantifying the Capital Raise

Quantifying the Capital Raise

“How much money are you looking to raise?” A question heard at the end of nearly every early stage entrepreneur-investor conversation. More often than not, the response separates the wheat from the chaff in terms of those ready to raise institutional capital. While there’s no right answer, the need to be directionally correct can be tantamount to success.

Phoenix ed-tech company raises $2.5M in VC funding to propel growth in 2021

China's Yuanfudao claims global edtech valuation crown

EduLab Capital Leads Round of Seed Funding for Prompt

Quantifying the Capital Raise

EduLab Capital Partners’ First Investment Goes to a Care-Coordination Startup

EduLab Capital Partners Announces Investment in examPAL

Mentor Collective Raises $3 Million to Connect College Students and Advisers

EduLab Capital Partners Expands Investment and Operations Team to Support Global Portfolio

Riipen Raises $3.75M to Connect Students with Real-World Projects from Employers


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