Russell Long

PM at Microsoft & Founder of Authentica Solutions
My passion for serving Education started right out of college teaching Secondary Education in Texas, Biology, History and Coaching and eventually moving into Curriculum & Instruction, Technology, and Leading an effort to train Educators across Texas how infuse technology into their instructional practices having served at Highland Park ISD and Allen ISD. My passion then extended into building five EdTech companies eventually selling and transitioning key products to both Microsoft and Google. Over my 26-year career, I am constantly focused on improving learning opportunities for all learners, empowering educators in all roles to do more with better data at their fingertips and build solutions that do more to keep educators teaching and serving students across the K12 landscape. I am proud that over 15 years of those years have been in service to special education and 10 years in solving interoperability, much of that time overlapping. I am driven by growing highly talented and adaptive teams focused on solving amazing challenges, especially those left unsolved. I am equally motivated to work alongside Education focused organizations, Ministries/Departments of Education, EdTech Vendors, and Strategic Partners to improve process, solutions, product, and platform offerings that best serve their efforts to realize the same mission – improve the learning experience for everyone.
• Global Edu Customer Success Lead @ Microsoft
• Led a team of amazing talent seeking to solve the implementation, onboarding, software and cloud deployments, and complex challenges that Education environments across the world bring to the table.
• Chief Product Officer at BrightBytes
• Coordinated and led exceptional teams comprising design, engineering, architecture, data integration and management, and professional services, collaborating to deliver cutting-edge innovations in Education analytics to K12 schools and Departments of Education.
• CEO at Authentica Solutions 1.0
• Once you’ve read or heard the story, it’s an amazing journey. Served a remarkable group of leaders and teams solving challenges with Exceptional Learning including Special Education, Medicaid and Interoperability across Education with a solution called DataSense (later sold to BrightBytes and Microsoft).