Andrew Joseph

Co-Founder of TenMarks Education
Andrew is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence for Wandrian Ventures, the holding company for a range of travel brands including (ItaliaRail, ItaliaTours, and Italy Magazine). He is currently leading the effort for Wandrian to relaunch the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) in the US. He is also part of the founding team and Head of Strategy for DoctorPlan. An innovative digital health solution that improves the entire care experience.

In 2009 Andrew co-founded TenMarks Education, an online personalized learning math platform. When TenMarks was acquired by Amazon in 2013, Andrew joined Amazon Education to lead strategy and strategic relations for K-12. In 2016 he partnered with the Emerson Collective to spin School By Design out of Amplify Education and be the CEO. In 2019 School by Design was acquired by Abl Schools.

Prior to TenMarks, Andrew ran corporate development, business development, sales & marketing, and strategy for a number of enterprise and consumer software companies.