Investing at the intersection of technology and learning.


We are operators. We are educators. We are investors. We are company builders.

Who We Are

We are focused on one specific path of the company’s journey. We know it, and we do it well. We are a team of investors, operators, educators, and company builders. Founders work with us because they know we know the road they travel and the challenges they face. Investors trust our judgment as prudent stewards of capital and sector-focused specialists who understand their role in an investment ecosystem.

What Makes Us Different?

Domain Expertise

We invest in education and workforce technologies, where we bring deep expertise from an operator and investor perspective.

Seed+ Stage

We invest in seed stage companies with demonstrated product market fit, looking to scale via sales and marketing and thereby extending the valuation runway before a larger round of financing.

Hands-on Investors

We roll up our sleeves and help our entrepreneurs, whether that’s by advising on fundraising, strategy, governance, or financial best practices, or by making the right introductions to potential partners.

Geographic Focus

We invest in companies based in North America and Asia. This allows us insight into end markets around the world. It provides our portfolio companies access to these insights and new relationships. It provides our investors with a diversified portfolio with unique opportunities to scale.


By the Numbers


Portfolio Companies

Learners Impacted


Average Revenue Growth in 2022

Portfolio Companies with a Woman or Person of Color Founder


Liam Pisano

Co-Founder + Managing Partner

Aditya Vikram


Sally Sorte

Venture Partner

Edwin Derecho

Senior Advisor

A global approach to investing

With a presence in Boston and Tokyo, the ECP team has built a global footprint of seed-stage investments in the sector. Our experience with multiple end markets and end users offers our portfolio companies unique perspectives and opportunities. Our growing list of global co-investors adds depth to every financing round we direct or assist.


“As a first-time founder, the path of building a company unveils countless lessons, but in this transformative journey, having a partner like Liam and EduLab Capital has become the cornerstone of our enduring growth. Their expertise in the education sector is invaluable.”

Jaime Martinez


“[Liam Pisano] was always a very invested member of the EdTech community here in Boston, so he would help facilitate introductions, invite us to events… He was supportive in advising, helping us brainstorm our go-to-market, or how to approach fundraising.”
James Morrissey


“EduLab Capital was instrumental in our success in raising $6M USD of growth capital amidst a challenging fundraising environment, which we closed in February 2023. They provided more introductions than any other investor.”
Caitlin MacGregor


Keizoku wa chikara nari.

“Continuance is power.”