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PROJECT | Pre-Launch Edits

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We’re finally at a place where we can release the entire site for a final review before launch. Now’s the time to take a final pass on the entire site and collate any final edits before launch.

Getting comprehensive and actionable feedback before launching a redesigned website is crucial. Here’s a structured approach to ensure we receive any detailed feedback. Test the website on different browsers, devices, and screen sizes to check for responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

We’ve created a Google Doc to facilitate feedback collection. You’ll see in the document how feedback should be structured.

We’d like to launch ASAP and, at the latest, August 17th. 


Here’s an example that also appears in the doc.

For Each Page Include:

Page: Homepage
URL: https://www.edulabcapital.com/m1-r3/
Priority: High, Medium, Low

(Please include any images, copy changes, or functionality issues in this document only. Please do not link out to other docs or Websites. Return only one compiled document if gathering feedback from a group)

Include a marked-up or clean screenshot if you think it’ll help locate or identify a design edit or responsive glitch.


Please feel free to call or message directly at 617 448 1991 with any questions.